Offsite and space rental


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Duties of the Hearts is a modular home for fulfilling ideas.


His rooms vary as needed, allowing for endless creative play. The variety of closed and open spaces in the house provide a wide solution and make it a perfect place for offsite.

Variable design and full technical response alongside an adjacent chef, wide spaces, a courtyard and an open roof for refreshment with an urban view, provide a different hospitality experience and everything you need for those looking for a unique and pleasant place to spend the day. The Duties of the Hearts also offers the option of renting the house or parts of it for varying needs such as filming days, productions, space to get organized and more.

Cancellation fees:
- Two weeks before the event 15% of the final price of the quote
- One week before the event 50% of the final price of the quote
- Two days before the event 75% of the final price of the quote
- On the day of the event 90% of the final price of the quote